No Tipping Ever!

No Tipping Ever

When you float out of your treatment, the last thing you should be worried about is math, gratuities and the stress of knowing what’s appropriate. At CAP Beauty we’ve done away with this awkwardness by instituting a strict NO TIPPING policy. Rest assured, our brilliant therapists are still well compensated. We’ve just streamlined the process.

No little envelopes, no calculations, no second-guessing. Now that’s what we call a happy ending.

Chart of Vision

Astrology is a symbolic language for understanding human nature and energetic patterns of behavior. From the moment we are born we are imprinted with a unique expression much like a fingerprint. The natal birth chart is a map of the sky at this very moment and can be used as an amazing tool to help us gain a deeper awareness of our soul’s intent. During the reading we look at the planets as archetypes living inside us, what characteristics of personality are active and where in our life we meet these energies. By looking at the relationships that the planets have with each other at that moment we can also see our greatest strengths.

Be sure to come your reading with your date and time of birth in hand.

$175 60 Mins