No Tipping Ever!

No Tipping Ever

When you float out of your treatment, the last thing you should be worried about is math, gratuities and the stress of knowing what’s appropriate. At CAP Beauty we’ve done away with this awkwardness by instituting a strict NO TIPPING policy. Rest assured, our brilliant therapists are still well compensated. We’ve just streamlined the process.

No little envelopes, no calculations, no second-guessing. Now that’s what we call a happy ending.

Karen Bauer

Karen Bauer is classically trained in the art of Daoist acupuncture. She practices an ancient tradition of this Chinese medicine, having studied for many years with the world-renowned Taoist Master, Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen. Master Yuen apprenticed from the age of three with his adoptive grandfather, a Taoist priest and physician who was trained by physicians from the Inner Court of the last emperor of China. Her treatments draw from her years of education and are not only deeply healing and effective, but beautifully transformational. Her passion is for preventive medicine, to keep hardworking people healthy and happy, while expanding spiritually. She treats everything from sports injuries to internal issues.